Assistant Manager -HR & Admin.

Alcat Contracting Company - Doha, Qatar.



Key Deliverables:


Recruitment & Manpower Planning:


  1. Handling the entire gamut of HR activities with a team of 1 HR- Executives & 1 PRO.
  2. Working with the Management to develop a talent acquisition strategy in line with business requirements.
  3. Sourcing relevant CV’s from various job portals, publishing vacancies on local newspapers & social networking sites to get the best suitable candidates for the open positons.
  4. Arranging Job fairs & bulk recruitment drives in various locations of Qatar, Oman and India.
  5. Archiving & maintaining various categories of talent pool for future openings.
  6. Counselling managers on candidate evaluation & selections process, taking & recording interviews feedback forms from the department head for each interview conducted.
  7. Conducting thorough interviews of candidates and filing interviews evaluation form for each candidate interviewed.
  8. Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions for timely closing of all the open vacancies for various projects.
  9. Managing end to end employee life cycle – Recruitment and on- boarding, Performance Management, Inductions & employee services, Training & Development etc.
  10. Handling Global Talent Acquisition and talent management for the various projects of the company as per Project Requirements.
  11. Manpower planning for the entire Business unit for various projects in close co-ordination with Project Managers & BU Head.
  12. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the contracted recruitment agencies against stated objectives, quality of talents supplied within a specific/allocated time frame and cost comparison with the other service providers. 
  13. Dealing with various local and overseas agencies for bulk recruitment
  14. Preparing Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and other necessary documents required for the overseas agencies to hire skilled & unskilled manpower.
  15. Extensively travelled several areas of India & Oman to recruit critical rare skilled / technical resources for various company’s projects.
  16. Preparing documents to get government visa quota &Visa follow up through PRO.
  17. Handling overall relocation process of new employees including, temporary accommodation, flights arrangements etc.
  18. Deployed resources as per the schedule within turnaround time for company project. (Project value QAR 275 million)


Compensation & Benefits:

  1. Developed, recommended and install modified plans and employee benefit policies and supervise administration of existing plans.
  2. Evaluating and compare existing company benefits with those of other employers by analysing other plans, surveys and other sources of information.
  3. Conducting analysis of compensation and benefits within company & Forecast budget for salary increases.
  4. Analysing surveys to ensure appropriate compensation across all departments. Advising managers and employees on collective agreements, benefits and compensation policies.
  5. Preparing the compensation and benefits budget based on the market survey.
  6. Monitoring the effectiveness of existing compensation policies, guidelines and procedures, recommend plan revisions as well as new plans which are cost effective and consistent with compensation trends and corporate objectives, coordinate implementation and provide guidance to corporate staff.
  7. Providing advice to corporate staff on pay decisions, policy and guideline interpretation and job evaluation including the design of creative solutions to specific compensation-related programs. 
  8. Developed Grading System, Benchmarking, Compensation Benefit, Salary Survey. Prepared and implemented HR policy and SOP with due approval from the Corporate HR Head & Stake Holders.
  9. Developed & implemented a Total Reward Policy incorporating employee benefits, salary structures, bonus payments, and recognition and rewards.
  10. Proactively Engage in Annual Benchmark exercises and make recommendations based on results.



  1. Currently handling error free Payroll of 520 employees monthly.
  2. Working closely with the Payroll team to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of personnel data required for payroll calculation
  3. Ensuring payroll intimation of new joiners, bank accounts opening of new joiners, attendance, absenteeism, incentives, over time to be error free and submitted to finance team on or before cut off payroll date.
  4. Collecting employee absenteeism, sick leaves, off site, forms from all respective site HR to process accurate deductions & additions in monthly payrolls, processing leave settlements & encashment of accumulated annual leaves etc.
  5. Ensuring that all transactions have sufficient document evidence and necessary approvals.
  6. Handling latest increments, bonus payment and performance bonus/incentive payments to be incorporate in the payroll.
  7. Ensuring that the full and final settlements are processed as per Company Policies & Procedures within the time frame.  
  8. Maintained individual files for all employees & ensuring that all transactions are online and maintain records for internal and external auditors.
  9. Reviewing Payroll Policy & Procedures in line with Qatar Labours laws. 
  10. Ensuring that all data which impacts payroll calculation is obtained from Site HR integrated in time for the payroll calculation and executions.
  11. Maintaining absolute discretion and maturity in handling sensitive/ confidential data in the Payroll Processing.
    Works effectively with Finance team to ensure timely and accurate payment of salaries and allowances into employees Bank accounts.
  12. Attending all employee grievances with reference to salary & over time issues and maintaining a register containing all issues and their status for quick resolutions.


Training & Development

  1. Preparing company’s Annual Training Budget, managing and supervises the activities of Training and Career Development functions of existing & new employees in a cost effective manner.
  2. Directs and controls the preparation and production of OJT Materials.
  3. Developing and maintaining an annual or quarterly training calendar.
  4. Ensuring all training and development activities (department specific training) are strategically linked to the organization as mission and vision.


Performance Management:

  1. Developed and deliver presentations to explain the process of developing and measuring KPIs to the concerned stakeholders as well the generated results.
  2. Compile and review periodically the performance reports from each division/ department, to monitor the development of various departments activities and provide a summary of the report to the management.
  3. Analysing & monitoring the implementation of strategic plans and initiatives across the organisation, and prescribe the needed actions (i.e. generating new KPIs, replacing KPIs, and reviewing objectives) to correct current performance situation in case of any deviation from the action plans and Implementation roadmaps.
  4. Participating in the execution of the Balanced Scorecard preparation, budget and performance reviews performance reports (Quarterly & half yearly reports), as well as undertaking all activities related to the improvement of the Company Performance Management System.
  5. Providing quarterly Performance review Objective, Setting guidance to line management (Orientation, coaching, counselling, career development.)
  6. Providing guidance and input on business unit restructures, Employees transfer to other divisions, workforce planning, succession planning. Participate in evaluation and monitoring of success of Performance appraisal programs. Provides a broad range of consultative services to all levels of employees regarding Performance appraisal policies and procedures
  7. Facilitates communication among employees and management. Advise employees on Performance appraisal polices.


Operations & Administration:

  1. Overviews the day-to-day operation of the Human Resources activities and leads & guides the team as required to achieve daily smooth run, and maximum productivity. Setup SLA's and measured and monitored progress through weekly management review meetings
  2. Arranging new employees Medical tests, Finger Print, Employment Contracts to get QID as soon as possible.
  3. Ensuring quicker resolutions of employees queries, grievances or labour disputes with proper investigation of the matters to prevent their recurrence & in order to maintain a productive and harmonious work place & ensuring all sites HR representatives to work on company Open Door Policy to serve employees.
  4. Monitoring and supervising the day to day functions of the HR Administration by reviewing and regulating workflows such as arranging visas (New visas, QID’s  RP renewals, health cards etc.), medical insurance & associated claims, ID cards, Bank accounts, access passes etc, thereby rendering effective administrative support to all departments and employees at all times. Preparing Procurement Requisitions for Office purchases & materials to be issued for new employees etc.
  5. Conduct induction for new employees giving detailed information about the company, its mission, vision and values, country law, culture and prohibitions, company policies, holidays, safety regulations, working hours, overtime policy, attendance, probation period, all types of leave, managing accident at work, medical facility, disciplinary penalties, transfer and releases, banking, air ticket and dependent entitlements, end of contract, visa cancellation, confidentiality policy of the company etc.
  6. Managing and controlling the administration of all resignations, terminations, employees transfers etc
  7. Supervising & timely processing of employees requests like issuing salary certificates, bank loan applications, Visa/Passport Renewal letter, embassy letters, family visa etc.
  8. Responsible for ensuring proper accommodations & transportations arrangements to employees as per their entitlements & employment contract with us.
  9. Maintaining harmonious Employee Relations by implementing welfare oriented policies, organizing social events, games and picnic, Conducting fun at work activities & recreational activities for smooth managing of work life balance of employees.
  10. Preparing and presenting annual budgets & monthly HR review report for management review.


Organization Development:

  1. Formulated, Implemented and Updating of HR Strategy, Policies & Procedures and Employee Handbook.
  2. Directly involved in preparing, writing and amending Group Human Resources Policies and standardization of all new policies in-line with Country Labour Law.
  3. Supervising effective implementation of HR Policies & Procedures developed by the organization and get feedback from the dept. heads in order to update and incorporate changes in line with the management requirements.
  4. Drafted & Prepared various forms for regular usage of employees services like Annual leaves forms, Sickness form, reimbursement form, absenteeism form, internal & external office Memoms etc. developed one common communication and employee announcements  channel for communicating all employees for any changes in  company policies & any organisation developments in line with Qatar labour law.