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·         Prepare the bill of quantities (BOQ) for each project according the design and collected data.

·         Implements cost controls and financial control procedures as outlined in the construction contracts.

·         Prepare and submission of tender documents, assessment and pricing for new projects

·         Managing, monitoring on a construction site & resolving any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems that may arise.

·         Communicating with clients and their representatives (architects, engineers and PM), including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress

·         The preparation of Bills and Schedules of Quantities of materials, labor and services required in the construction and equipment of, building construction works,

·         Measures and assesses client’s variations to the construction works and contractor’s claims for changes.

·         Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the    architect and/or the client

·         Evaluates contractor’s monthly interim payment applications.

·         Identifies areas of concern and assesses their potential impact upon the project budget.

·         Measurement of site works from drawings and on site including AutoCAD measurement techniques.

·         Assists in the review of time extensions, delays and penalties.

·         Prepares progress valuations in respect of interim monthly and final payments to contractors.

·         Assesses measures, advises on and recommends the cost impact of design changes.

·         Prepares Change/Variation Orders and reports upon cost impacts of such orders on the construction budget.

·         Assists in the reviews, assessments and reports upon contractor’s claims

·         Prepares project cost and cash flow reports.

·         Participates in cost and contractual review meetings. Overseeing quality control and health and safety matters on site;

·         Take out the quantity’s using wing Qs software