Mechanical Engineer

Arab Engineering Bureau



Duties & responsibilities:

*   Review and gives approvals for all mechanical related submissions by the contractor eg. Shop drawings, material submittals, samples etc.

*   Verifies that all materials, manufactured goods, machinery, equipment, etc. supplied to the job site are in line with project specification, QCS and granting approvals.

*   Ensures that the mechanical shop drawings are in line and coordinated with other discipline prior to proceeding the works and highlight to the project manager for any discrepancies and do the necessary corrections.

*   Coordinates with the MEP design team any issues arises at site related to the discrepancy in the design or IFC drawings.

*   Attending inspections for all mechanical works installations with the contractor  and ensures that the carried out works are in compliance with contract or approved drawings and documents and reported to the Project Manager the progress or discrepancies monitored at site

*   Conducts site visits to advise Project Managers of any field issues and attends any co-ordination meetings required.

*   Observed and witnesses all buried MEP services and gives approval prior to concreting or backfilling.

*   Arranges for samples of workmanship and establishes minimum acceptable standards

*   Advises Project Manager on requirements and programming of all services and coordinates the actions of contractor, the relevant authorities and all other sub-contractors involved.

*   Assist and provides necessary data/information required by the project manager for the preparation of reports (includes labour and supervision, plant and equipment, status, site progress, amendments, delays, etc.) for submission to Client.

*   Advises Project Manager on progress of mechanical work and suggest actions.

*   Inspects and attends maintenance works during maintenance and defect liability period.

*   Conducts pre-inspection report prior to QCDD inspection and addressed any issues that may raise by QCDD inspection team.

*   Attends QCDD inspections and assist the contractor/s for the preparation for compliance statements.