• Basic knowledge of construction techniques and the ability to recommend safe work practices. Remain abreast of all relevant HSE laws, codes of practice and standards for the area.
  • Understands and uses personal protective equipment, safe work practices, environmental stewardship practices and team work.
  • Develop policies, plans and procedures to minimize risk to the public and employees.
  • Manage Contractor’s HSE personnel and ensure their adherence to Corporation’s HSE related matters.
  •  Conduct HSE audit at site locations ensure IPAC, Risk and OHS Policies and regulations are implemented on site.
  • Identifies hazards and potential risks and assist operations staff with eliminating or mitigating those hazards.
  •  Conducts first level investigations of worksite accidents, injuries, prepares reports and assists with employee medical needs as required. Serves as Core member of emergency response team at the work site.
  • Provide relevant information for monthly HSE reports
  • Familiar  with all work place hazards and plant processing related hazards
  • Responsibilities of works and maintenance of fire equipment.
  • First aid and latest firefighting techniques.
  • Heavy lifting procedure, preventions and hazards while lifting activities.
  • Identify related hazard and preventing measures as per client safety procedures.
  • Conduct safety exercises, musters and drills.
  • All emergency safety procedures.
  • Contributed effectively for accomplishment of the district’s safety goals, objectives and activities.
  • Recognize all the hazards due to different work activities.
  • Safe procedure working around heavy equipment
  • Wire rope and chain slings procedure.
  • Identify the gas and chemicals hazards.