• Forecasting & estimating the quantities required by MOH, SGH, MOD, KOC, KSC & hospitals, pharmacies and other clients and Floating enquires with suppliers accordingly.
  • Obtain best possible prices/goods by negotiation, Receive quotations, negotiate for payment terms, etc.
  • Placing orders with suppliers → Receiving order confirmation → Follow-up for shipping Documents/Goods Delivery.
  • Responsibly maintains good relationship with Suppliers, Distributors & Vendors and country sales managers.
  • Handling Tender orders for MOH, SGH, MOD, KOC and other reputed clients.
  1. Receiving enquires from Clients.
  2. Enquiring with suppliers & obtaining Offer.
  3. Draft costing with all required parameters and maintain timeline in submitting tender documents.
  4. Quoting best possible price, Terms and delivery to client.
  5. Fallow up for Import license & reference standards.
  6. Oversee the final delivery to Clients.
  7. Liaising the MOH Penalties between Suppliers and Accounts Department.
  • Being accurate on content in shipping documents in correspondence to client requirements, MOH & Kuwait Customs.
  • Timely fallow up to get Initial Approval from MOH, Kuwait Municipality and EPA approvals against the orders placed.
  • Sending Samples to QCL for Final Release from MOH & Baldiya in coordination with regulatory department.
  • Overseeing the payment is made accurately with the supplier by reconciling all the credit & debit notes.
  • Preparing and sending documents (GRV, Inbound, Invoice, and PO, clearing charge receipts) to accounts for costing and for payment to supplier.
  • Coordinating with suppliers for any amendments on Price, quantities, LOT numbers & Shelf Life and delivery dates.
  • Maintains inventory & Pending orders reports, and MOH delivery schedule by reconciling with data storage system.
  • Preparing supplier performance reports to resolve the issues like timeliness of Deliveries, condition of delivery products, accuracy of order fill, accuracy of shipping documents in official meetings.
  • Control wastage of goods through improved handling and accurate purchase forecasting.
  • Making Inbound deliveries, Goods receipt voucher after receiving goods,
  • Implementing new initiatives & setting high standards and KPI targets.
  • Study shipping requirements existing and new legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions to clear the shipments in effectively.
  • Oversee Quantities receiving, warehousing and distribution of goods to the different Clients & Branches according forecast and quantity requests.
  • Maintain all the required documents required documents; file the documents in accordance to ISO standards.