Been in a field of HR, Sales & Marketing and Administration for 4 years.

Tessa Mercado

Assistant - HR





I'm very flexible and can work with minimal supervision. I'm always willing to learn and I can deal with different kinds of people. If ever I get hired I will give my 100% dedication to my work.



Title Institution Year/Date
Bachelor of Science in Psychology Colegio de San Juan de Letran 03-26-2013


Skill Description
Computer Computer Literate. (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint) Editing Skills (Video and Photo Editing) Photography
Driving Skills Manual and Automatic Transmission
Communication Skills Fluent in English, (Read and Write)
Sales & Marketing Skills I'm always hitting my quota as Sales Personnel. Able to present to different kinds of clients


Designation Company Name Action
HR Recruitment and Benefits Sanford Marketing Corp. View
Sales & Marketing Executive / Admin Assistant Ebara Pumps Philippines, Inc. View
Sales Talent Acquisition and Retention Associate / Federal Land, Inc. View