Accommodation Supervisor / Housekeeping Supervisor

Supervisor - Accomadation



Associate's degree or equivalent from two to three -years college or technical school; or equivalent combination of education and experience

Two to three years of work experience in the same capacity.


Accommodation Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the requirements at the accommodation are met at all times, prepare apartments for new arrivals, take inventory of apartments on departure of colleagues, and handle all maintenance requests.


  • The accommodation supervisor must check the log books at the security desk to make sure that all information is filled out appropriately.
  • The accommodation supervisor also makes sure that all locations are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Various other aspects of the camp must also be checked out such as the swimming pools, fire extinguishers and the fire alarm system.
  • Regular inventory must be taken of all apartment supplies.
  • Regular pest control should be scheduled by the accommodation supervisor.
  • Whenever there are complaints filed about delayed repairs, the accommodation supervisor must check with the engineers responsible for the repairs in order to determine what the hold-up is.

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