BMS Technician

Technician Building

Full Time

4500.00 QAR




  • Performs routine checks and upgrades software as provided by the Manufacturer to ensure optimal functioning of the BMS system.
  • Monitors and verifies operation of all BMS field devices.
  • Troubleshoots BMS system faults and develops repair solutions.
  • Adjusts BMS settings and parameters to meet changing conditions, i.e., Load, Environmental, Customer needs, etc.
  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs HVAC, Power Generation, Low-Voltage Electrical Switchgear, and UPS systems
  • Records maintenance data and generates reports as needed.
  • Escorts foreign national subcontractors conducting PMCS and repairs of MCF critical system equipment
  • Provides technical/operational guidance to ensure compliance with the PWS while delivering results.
  • Evaluates all maintenance request forms, sets priorities, and process work assignments.
  • Maintains documentation for all malfunctions, repairs, maintenance, or changes to systems and/or equipment.
  • Provides reports on all life safety, quality, and maintenance issues.
  • Provides a safe and secure workplace.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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