I S O Officer - Coordiantor


Full Time

4500.00 QAR

ISO Specialist,ISO Internal Auditor,ISO Coordinator

2 year



  1. Review, Maintain develop current QMS documents
  2. Maintain certification status for the business units that are already certified
  3. Preparation of quality manual and quality assurance procedures for ensuring compliances as per ISO Standards.
  4. Maintain QMS related records
  5. Create Document control system for the existing QMS manuals, forms, and create new documents and forms when required.
  6. Create and Conducted Quality Management System Audits Program (audit plan, schedule, checklists for auditing), checking nonconformity reports closing, document change request forms, measurement of quality objectives, proof for continual improvement, usage of logo, clients complaints & resolution, training needs, training records, training plans, measurement of the effectiveness of the training provided, performance evaluation, applicable statutory & regulatory
  7. Create and implement audit schedule and conduct internal QMS audits for several departments.
  8. Creating Quality awareness by designing and Conducting Internal Audit training programmers for Managers/Key Executives whose work will affect the Quality of the product.
  9. Maintain ISO related NCR summary, and oversee the operational NCR process.
  10. Oversee operational NCR reporting and Corrective action implementation for the different Operations 
  11. Proactively identifying the areas of quality failure using checkpoints and taking appropriate corrective/preventive measures for resolving customer complaints and implementing system for monitoring of process monitoring and action plans.
  12. Conducted Management Reviews and adequately communicating data, issues, impacts, such that management has the facts for decision-making.

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