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Engineering services required at all levels.

Cummins' roots are planted in soil nourished by innovation, persistence and a commitment to community. Founded in Columbus, Ind., in 1919 as Cummins Engine Company, for its namesake Clessie Lyle Cummins, the fledgling firm was among the first to see the commercial potential of an unproven engine technology invented two decades earlier by Rudolph Diesel. Fortunately for Clessie Cummins, a self-taught mechanic and inventor, his vision was shared by someone with the financial resources to make it a reality: William Glanton (W.G.) Irwin, a successful local banker and investor, who already had provided financial backing for Cummins' auto mechanic operation and machine shop. We still look forward in enhancing our Industry by Recruiting Qualified Employees and likewise improve their potentials and provide them with a better Pay-Package for them to meet-up with the Living Standard here in the United States if they are so willing to Work with us to continue in growing the Legacy of Clessie Cummins.

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