About Us


QatarHire.com is an amazing platform that is the all-inclusive destination for hiring, job hunting, contracting, and even advertising!

Manpower Agent allows users to create unique profiles about the services they offer, as well as their contact information and resume. Regardless if you’re an engineer or even a house maid, you can attract the attention of major companies with the help of Manpower Agent.

Employers can create an attractive profile, and list job openings, and accept job applications and resumes from hundreds of qualified job seekers, easily and effortlessly!

Job seekers love QatarHire.com, because of its amazing ability to let employers find them, instead of the other way around!

End users can even offer spot services like computer repair and plumbing services, and attract the business of people searching for independent providers in these areas.

QatarHire.com is simply the best online hiring and job seeking solution for Qatar, and we invite you to join the community, TODAY!